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Jiangsu Jiangdu Construction Group Co., a company with National Elite Qualification of General Contractor for Housing Construction, Grade A General Contractor for Municipal Public Works, Grade A Specialist Contractor for Building Decoration Engineering and Grade A Specialist Contractor for Electromechanical Installation Works. We have 1 344 engineering technicians and persons with professional titles, in which there are 546 persons with senior professional titles, 111 constructors and 247 associate constructors. Our mechanical equipment values RMB 280 000 000 and our registered capital is RMB 733 600 000. In 2009, our construction output value was RMB 12 800 000 000. We have formed a complete and professional construction system including civil engineering, installation, decoration, real estate development, road and bridges, steel structure fabrication and installation. In recent years, we have contracted nearly a hundred high-rise and ultra-high buildings in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hainan, Taiyuan and Hangzhou. We have good reputation in overseas markets such as Singapore, Madagascar, Mongolia, Guinea-Bissau, and Rwanda.
 We have more than 100 buildings under construction. In recent years, we have got more than 190 prizes including “Luban Award”, 13 “National Superior Awards”, White Yulan Cup, Yangzi Cup, Great Wall Cup, Chutian Cup Superior Projects.
More than 20 projects of ours have been awarded “Provincial Model Project applied with Ten New Technologies. 13 QC teams of ours have been awarded the title of National Outstanding Quality Management Team. We have been awarded 30 Top Strong Enterprises entering Shanghai for Construction by Shanghai Municipal Government for 12 consecutive years and we have been awarded the Best Construction Company Entering Beijing by Beijing Municipal Government for 16 consecutive years, and we have been awarded the Best Company in Construction Industry in Jiangsu for 8 consecutive years. Since 2002, we have been awarded Top 20 Strong Companies with Integrated Strength in Construction Industry in Jiangsu. We have been awarded the Best Company by Yangzhou People’s Government for 10 consecutive years. We have also been awarded Well-known Contractor in Jiangsu, National Golden House Prize for Quality Management and Provincial “AAA”Credit Standing Enterprise and Provincial Contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise. From 2005 to 2008, we have been awarded the National Outstanding Construction Company by the China Construction Industry Association and China Construction Company Association, National Outstanding Company in Construction Industry in Technology Progress and Technical Innovation. In 2007, we were awarded the title Special Honorary Company trying to construct Luban Award Works. In 1998, we got the ISO9001 Certificate for quality system. In 2003, we got the ISO14001 Certificate for environment system and GB/T28001 Certificate for Occupational Health/Safety System.
Looking into the future, Jiangdu Construction will continue to be market-oriented, reform-motivated, and benefit-focused. We will energetically push forward the system innovation, mechanism innovation and technology innovation, and work hard for a diversified group company.